There are 3 main reasons why you just need your own artist website:

1. To make sure your artwork is taken seriously

2. Improve your image

3. To control your marketing resources.

Ensure Your Artwork is Taken Seriously

Once an artist gets the choice to advertise and promote their artworks, they are making the choice to begin a small business. Which may not be evident at the present time, but that is precisely the decision that’s being made. Consider your personal experiences: Surely you have had an event where you’re interested in a company that you had heard about, just to become disappointed when you could not find a site where you could find out more, get in touch with the business, or make purchases. Or, maybe worse, you discovered an old, discounted Facebook webpage, that was of no assistance and probably presented woefully out of date details. Do not do this to your potential clients! Ensure you’ve got a contemporary, professional, up-to-date site so that people can find you. Doing this will enhance your prospects to be part of exhibition showcases together with the assurance that you’re a serious artist.

Improve Your Image

Most artists are really discerning concerning the plan and the sort of frames when creating an exhibition wall for their artwork. Most artist will also be aware when showcasing with other artists, the comparison of perceived quality of the showcased art compared to other another artist’s offering. They fear that inferior framing or bad displays will reflect badly on their reputation and, conversely, understand that good frames and fantastic displays will reflect favourably for their own artworks.

Understandably, artists tend to be worried about protecting their hard-earned expert standing. Many artists work for many months, even years, to perfect their own artworks, therefore it makes sense to protect that professional picture with fantastic frames and fantastic displays. The exact same notion extends to a website. Whenever you don’t own a site, or, possibly worse, when you’ve got a bad site, it may greatly damage the perceived quality and standing of your art. Whereas, a fantastic site, will raise the profile of professionalism of your art. We suggest taking this notion a step farther and becoming involved with online art exhibitors like FASO. With that stamp on your website, it will ensure visitors that your site and artwork is of superior quality.


The next reason why you need your own site would be to control your marketing resources. There’s a massive difficulty with relying upon third-party services like Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, etc to your main online presence. And that’s this: you don’t have any control over the presentation of your art, no control over modifications the third party website makes, and no control over who’s promoted on your webpage. Facebook will happily advertise your opponents’ advertisements on your own Facebook page. Consider this: there hasn’t been a fantastic online tech firm built solely on a different online tech firm’s stage. However, the history of technology is littered with unsuccessful businesses that attempted. Use third-party platforms for promoting functions, but ensure you have your own site with your domain name which may function as a location that’s forever and always under your control.