It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to develop a good web site. homepage design will create your web site and help you find web hosting at a price that fits your budget.

We want the web to be accessible to small businesses and non-profit organizations, and have priced our services accordingly. Many large web development firms charge thousands of dollars for web sites. (A recent study by Advertising Age showed the average rate for web development at $125 an hour.) Because demand for web development is high and the internet market is new, firms can demand premium rates. But, homepage design feels that those high rates effectively cut small businesses out of the internet market, when in fact, it is small businesses who have the most to gain by using the internet. As a small, home-based business homepage design has low overhead costs and passes those savings onto customers.

Our Rates for Web Design

homepage design provides custom web development at $75/hour. We don’t charge for our initial consultation, nor does the initial planning session obligate you to work with us in the future. After the initial consultation, we will provide you with a proposal and cost estimate. Most web sites average 15-20 hours to complete, including planning, development and marketing. Electronic commerce sites require more time to integrate catalog and shopping cart software and payment processing.

We offer discounts to qualifying non-profit organizations. Typically, we require a 25-50% deposit to begin development, and then we’ll bill you monthly for work completed. All invoices are due upon receipt. Late payments are charged a $25 late fee.

If you are on a particularly tight budget, we can help you develop a web strategy that allows you to build and pay for an initial web presence, with additional features and costs added later.

Contact us for an estimate on your project.

Our Rates for Web Hosting

We’ve developed strategic partnerships that allow us to offer several different web hosting packages to meet your needs. See our hosting section for more details.