Within the first few seconds of being on your website the user must be able to determine what the business is and exactly what they do. Can web users navigate around your site easily? Is your online shop or service prices easy to read? If you answered no to one or more then you need to take a good look at how you have been designing and maintaining the website. You must not rely on one aspect like sole content or design you need to be feeding the users experiences with function and appropriate content.

Your website needs to communicate with the audience exactly what it is you do or offer. Don’t get caught up in the effort of making out how great your business is as you will forget to address main concerns with the users. Your user engagement percent will hike as soon as you make your website access a lot more user friendly and much more creative using tools that will reduce your bounce rate and encourage more users to revisit your page within a short span of time.

Include follow and share buttons

Having great offers, great content and all that is great but not so much if you are not giving the users a chance to share exactly what it is that you have. If you are lacking social media share buttons, then you are definitely missing out on more traffic that comes from the users that are already communicating with your website blog. If you aren’t sure what this is, they are social media sharing buttons that are located in the top or bottom of each blog post. They are a little icon that allows you to share your blog directly on the social media of your choosing. The buttons encourage social sharing but without the pushy tool that everyone hates.

Website content

Add Calls-to-Action

When your visitors have landed on the site, do they know what to do next?  Providing the users with direction will ensure they know what to view and where to go from this point. The call to action buttons are an element that helps the user indicate what the next step is when on your page. These can be failed in order to use them as guiding so ensure you get them correct. Ensure you are not spamming the website with the BOFU the bottom of the funnel call to action without nurturing the users with various calls to action that are more middle and top part of the funnel. Mobile access for a website is an important factor to consider. With an increasing use of mobile phones over desktop and iPad, users always jump on to any website that has the least amount of efforts associated with it. Consider re-designing a website that causes users to quickly click the back button from the website due to the difficulty and toil of navigating through.

Use the Right Images

Not all images you find are going to fit with the message you are trying to give out. There are many images to choose from and many are free. However, don’t get caught up in plaguing the webpage with stocky free photos. Placing images on webpages is good but doesn’t mean it looks legit and will result in the trust of your company. Use photos that show real people working at your company not stock photos that scammers tend to use.

You can have the perfect web design and enhance its development if you take the time to research what a good web design is and put that into your design. By following a few tips you can ensure that your website is up and running efficiently and is user friendly and very approachable.