Planning and staying organized are good habits that can keep you in check. However, sticking to a schedule can pose a challenge even for the most talented and organized people if not done correctly. Making a schedule will help you to concentrate on the most important tasks, instead of merely showing how much time is left in your day to get everything done. Furthermore, it gives a sense of balance between your work and personal life.

There are many different types of online-based task management tools. Which one you pick will depend on how big your business is and what you are looking to achieve.

For example, if you run a multi-billion dollar geotechnical engineering company with many large scale projects and clients – you probably need a pretty advanced system. On the other hand, if you own a small hair salon with a couple of staff, a simple alternative might be better.

On that note, let us look into some reasons why a weekly task schedule is so important.

It helps with preparation

Unforeseen circumstances are a part of life and this is just another reason to plan properly. A weekly schedule in this instance, will help you stay on top of your game and give you more control. It is safe to say that anything can happen at any given time and things may not go as planned, so it always pays to be prepared. Have a backup plan and add it to your schedule.


Increases focus

Let us say, for example, you avoid making a weekly schedule and then realize that every couple of hours, you get a new task. This can lead to you missing deadlines for important projects, which is a common feature of poor planning. This is more important if you run a large scale firm, for example, an infrastructure construction company – as delayed projects have devastating consequences for society.   

If you had a weekly schedule, then you would have a clear idea of the things that need your attention the most and find ways to address all your other responsibilities in a timely manner.


Progress evaluation

Here’s a question for you. What is the point of making a weekly plan if it does not help you improve your time management skills? If you plan to improve, then you must keep a close eye on the progress you are making. The weekly schedule will help determine if you need to make any adjustments and find out how much you are adhering to the plan.

Why use a task manager?


Increased productivity

Based on recent statistics, people on average spend only 45% of their work day to complete the main duties of their job, but what about the other 55%? With a weekly schedule in place, you waste less time and you put energy into getting more work done.


More free time

Technically, it is impossible to make more time. Nevertheless, being able to make adjustments to your weekly schedule can be enough to give you more time to focus on other things such as your family. So in other words, having a schedule that is well put together will give you more time when it really matters.


It helps with team building

It can be annoying and downright time consuming to explain your weekly plans all the time. Getting your family or work colleagues to be a part of your schedule (as needed) will make your life easier in more ways than one. From a business perspective, it can allow others to brainstorm and come up with ideas that may improve your schedule in an attempt to keep everyone at their best. From a personal context, you can effectively plan how to spend your off work hours with family and avoid clashes with your work schedule.

If you never thought of having a weekly schedule before, then these are valid reasons why you should have one in place. You don’t lose track of your responsibilities and you are able to get the most from each day. You don’t have to be working in a top tier company to make a weekly schedule. Mind you, there will be certain things that you just cannot control, but the chances of that happening are very slim and you will still benefit.