If you own a restaurant and need a website that can do everything and from any device from iPad to laptops and mobile phones. If you have found that WordPress is no good for you then you can look at something even better with the two good websites for restaurants below.

Restaurant Engine

Here we have a website builder for restaurants that aims at helping the restaurant go from just being there on the internet to a full selling channel. Restaurant engine targets the revenue and the restaurant itself which is why it has become a popular choice for a website builder. Creative templates for the different styles of restaurants from all vegan food to the variety of meat kebab restaurants you can choose a free theme to work with and have the benefit of customising it to suit your restaurant branding.
Restaurant engine has easy to use tools that can help you to add content to your website within minutes so there is no need to organise a website administrator, it is easy and simple to do yourself. With the added revenue that is enabled by the ordering online system and the open dining services, you can easily grow the reach of your restaurant by offering to deliver. This shows that restaurant builder has more revenue enhancements making it more than just a website builder.
With the ability to receive the orders via email, phone and even SMS with different payment methods from credit cards to PayPal. With the advanced ordering, it means you can match the supplies and demands while staying in front and further enhance your sales management process internally. It even comes with SEO tools that can get you sitting at the top of search results when someone searches for a restaurant.


Wix is a website creator common for the use of building a restaurant website. Wix has a strong service mechanism with a simple to use drag and drop style and stunning templates. Wix is very SEO friendly and has helped many restaurants reach a high spot on the search results.  Wix can be optimised to work with different viewing devices so your restaurant business can look great and comes with full access across all devices so no one misses out on the experience.
Many templates have the ability to make your restaurant look like a food paradise. Wix can help to stimulate the tastebuds of the viewers and make your restaurant look irresistible than any other.

With the growing amount of competition in the market, it is important to consider various ways in which you can improvise your business and make it stand out from the dynamic rivalry in the market. Optimisation is an identified and growing field that many companies fail to focus upon. Hence a website creation and constant follow up needs to be undertaken to give your restaurant a positive and successful growth result.

There are many good sites that offer websites for restaurants, but these are the two most commonly used for their designs, easy to navigate and their excellent SEO skills. When we hear the free word there is no reason why you cannot try these website builders and see where you end up. There is always the paying option available to you, but they are costly and often are more difficult to navigate around. There is always the option of paying a professional also to build you a website however these are expensive and doesn’t always turn out how you want. But best business coaches in the industry would suggest a self-optimization for your business through your own expertise and preferences, as nobody knows your business better than you do. By doing it yourself you get the design and the style you want without the cost of someone else doing it.