It can be great to have the flexibility of studying online or doing an exciting remote internship, however, it can be a huge distraction. It is important that you are organised and prepare yourself beforehand, to avoid distractions.

Make up a study plan

At the start of each term, you should take the time to read all course plans and find out what assignments you’ll need to do remote internships in Australiathroughout the semester. Act as if you were doing an international internship program, and take it seriously! Then you can set out a clear study plan, or schedule, that is achievable – and stick to it as much as you can. Do allow some time for when the unexpected happens! Try and be organised and set out your studying hours each day and put them into your schedule. Add the dates and times for your weekly schedule and print it out and put it somewhere where you can refer back to it to ensure you are keeping on time.

Setting up your major goal

An important tip for people studying online is to try and stay on task. Things happen in life, and the unexpected can pop up at any time. With everything that is going on around you, try and keep your primary goal in mind. When you set goals that are important to you, you are more likely to accomplish them and do what you can to do it. For those studying online in order to gain a positive and successful experience, you need to be passionate about the course that you are studying. It is the passion that will discipline and motivate you to persevere when the deadlines are flowing in. Make time to focus on the big picture and keep reminding yourself why you chose to study for that career in the first place. Time to take one step at a time, which is how you are going to achieve your goals best.

Creating that quiet space

Is there a time throughout the day when everyone is outside playing, or kids are not home, etc.? This is when you visit your quiet space to relax and get some studying done. In order to get some work done then, you need a space that is peaceful, calming and free of any distractions. When there are distractions, or when you are working within a space that isn’t comfortable for you, it will reflect poorly on the quality of your schoolwork and result in low marks. Explain to your family about your quiet space and what it is for. When you are in your quiet area, they need to leave you alone. If you have little ones, then consider working around their nap times so you can have more quiet time to study.

Time to limit your social media

It is fun to get lost on Facebook, whether you are browsing for memes or you are chatting with friends. But it’s very distracting when you are studying and can be bad for your mental health. One way to not be distracted by Facebook is to sign out of your account, so you don’t get any notifications that can easily distract you. It can be easy to lose track of the time when you are scrolling on Facebook. Save all social media use for coffee breaks.

Remember it won’t last forever. Consider doing video chats with friends instead of staying out all night, so you don’t spend too much time away from your studies. As long as you stick to your routine and study schedule working online is a great option.