It’s time to build a brand that people can recognise! We’ve asked the best printing services and marketing agencies and collected the most relevant info for this article. Needless to say, there are many tactics you use that will ensure customers are thinking of your brand first when they are looking to purchase.

Provide great customer service.

Today’s customers want guarantees and a prompt turnaround time when they buy online. On top of that, they want the best customer service after the sale. When making a purchase over the internet, customer service can be a major factor when it comes to the final buying decision. And to get the customers to return to your page again. 

Develop a story that tells why you are in business

Your customers and clients all want to know you, like you and trust you.  For example, you can offer personalised items like promotional products for your clients. The target market needs to accept you (the person behind the brand) before they can trust you, and ultimately buy what you have on offer. This is where you can give your business a boost online by using a search marketing agency. 

Keeping your name in front of the market

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ comes into play here. If you are not reminding the target audience that you are still doing business, then they will forget about you and end up going elsewhere.

Providing value and exceeding expectations

Providing on-going value to your customers is important to provide better brand recognition and get more respected within the industry. Are you offering teleconferences, webinars and classes to your audience? Think about how you can reach them on social media, for example. 

Send regular tips via newsletter or email

If you are not staying in touch with the customers, you are going to lose business. The best way to keep in touch with your audience is to send promotions, positive price changes and information regarding the products to people either via newsletters or emails. You can also ask for customer feedback here (and maybe deal with complaints too!). 

Write a blog

You can help your brand by writing a blog that informs, educates and entertains. The key to having a successful blog is to create posts that have on-going value for the target market.

Host a Facebook group

This is a free marketing resource for current customers, where you can invite them to join a Facebook group. This is where you can share tips, ask questions and encourage customers to network with each other. This also allows you to stay in touch with the target market – in real-time.

Using the same photo and logo

This is important but it is often overlooked. You need to be consistent with your branding. You can use the same logo and photo on all your branding, communication and marketing materials, this is the best way to be recognised by the target market.

Show off!

What’s the good of having an amazing brand, if there is a lack of brand awareness? What can we do here? Marketing – it takes many different forms. You could spend thousands of dollars on TV ads, radio, Facebook ads, whatever it may be. When you’re still in the start-up stage, let me tell you a little secret;
Find an expo that gives you the opportunity to launch your product.
There are exhibitions and events all around that will allow you to do this. The next one that I can see upcoming soon is in Melbourne in February 2020 – a tech conference with exactly this platform. These events can be invaluable in your marketing, as they give you huge bang for your buck – definitely great ROI. You would be presenting your product or brand in the same room as thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, and potential partners. Talk about a target market!

Your mission

While you may know what your business offers, you need to be sure you have a clear mission statement that describes your goals and vision. You cannot be creating a personality for a business if you are not 100% sure what the business is all about.

Color & type

Creating your colour palette is the best way for you to enhance your own brand identity. It provides you with variety so you can create designs that are different but remain faithful to the overall brand identity.

Don’t go mixing too many different fonts for your business. Whether it be a logo on your website or any documents that your business develops, you should have a consistency of typography. Keeping the same typeface and type style will work wonders for your brand.

Don’t copy the competitors

The competition out there may have exemplary branding, but don’t fall for the old trick and copy them. You need to take into account the fact you need to add your own twist on the business in order to make it stand out. Be unique!